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Established Bunkyu 2nd(1862)
making Mirin for more than 150 years.

Our company is making Mirin with the good quality ingredient from 1862 at Kanie-cho.
There is still some of the old traditional buildings at the site.

Kankyo shuzo's history

The history of our company goes back to 1862, more than 150 years ago.
The first founder Heihachi Yamada used a good quality glutinous rice and used lengthwise and crosswise cleek for transportation.
From 1954, we started making Sake Shitennou.
Still we are using local and domestic rice and making the best Mirin and Japanese Sake.
Also using rice malt and making Amazake and Fermentation seasoning for nowadays.

The history of the name 'Kankyo shuzo'

The name of Kankyo shuzo made in 1935.
It means strong sweetness and good flavor.

We use just a good quality rice so we can make special Mirin, Sake, and rice malt.

Registered tangible cultural property

At the suit, there are storehouse, workshop and office built in Edo to Showa period.

Mirin factory (built early Meiji period),Old head office (built Showa period),
and so on.
Four of our buildings now registered tangible cultural property.

What's 'registered tangible cultural property'

Registered tangible cultural property is to retain a precious buildings.
More than 50 years passed and also three of the below is good enough,
the country is going to decide and in the future it is possible to be an important cultural property.

[Standard of registered tangible cultural property.]

1. Contribute to the country history scenery
2. It is a model for shaping
3. Difficult to reappear

Buildings that makes history feel
Kura (made from mud)
A factory was partially destroyed because of earthquake of Noubi (1891),
it became the current form in the end of Meiji era.
Kura (made from mud) was built in about 1905,
the south and west side is made from bricks, in old times that was koji-muro.
House (still in use)
Building was constructed in 1922, at that time material of building was transported throw Kanie river and constructed by a few years.
At 1st floor, there was office called Mise and tea ceremony room.
Office (still in use)
Our office was constructed in 1938, and is rare building called RC building.
Our office is along Kanie river, and have three floor.
1st floor is Kankyo office, 2nd floor is conference room and Japanese style room.
The wall of outside is made from scratch tile, at the side of river the wall is made from terra cotta tile.
Inside the building, the structure is very simple, but is very beautiful because of orderly structured tile.
The appearance of building is such as the old times.