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We want to bring
happiness to eating
We are delivering happiness of Mirin, Sake, Seasoning and fermented drinks.

Utilizing old-fashioned technology

The theme is 'fermented foods'. Fermented food was cultivated from old times.
For examples, Soy sauce and Miso, Natto, Tsukemono, Yogurt, Bread,
Mirin and Sake are also fermented food from old times.

Kankyo shuzo is , brewing Mirin from 1862, the foundation year and making Sake from 1954.
There is a lot of wisdom and experience of our pioneer.
We are making fermented food products and
suggestion of menu of Mirin and Sake but also Amazake, sakelees and Saikyo-miso sauce.

Fermented food is the basic of our healthy life.
Our company makes your life more rich and healthy from fermented food!!

We are making products
in such places

Riverside town Kanie

Kanie Town is at Aichi prefecture Noubi part, 1/4 is river, as known as riverside town from old times, we use the river for transportation, and had a lot of sake brewery and soy sauce brewery.

Production of a good quality of rice

The Noubi plains is good for agriculture because of the rice soil. Kankyo Mirin and Japanese sake Shitennou is made from rice. It is a good quality rice center and great gifts from the land, we are making Kankyo Mirin and Japanese Sake Shitennou.

Blessed with the weather Owari Noubi plains

Noubi plains is a major manufacturer of rice and we are using local rice too. In the winter cold dry wind blows from Ibbuki and that makes Mirin and Sake really well.

Representative's greetings

We are producting Mirin and Japanese Sake since 1862.
Since 1862 there are many changes and situation, we adapted hard times earnestly.
We are looking on real quality. In future, we will improve to be useful to customers.
At the same time, now we will sell our Mirin and Japanese Sake in other country with Japanese cuisine.