How to make MIRIN

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Origin of company name is
'sweet' and 'strong'
Strong sweetness and good flavor we make real deal mirin.
How to make

Steamed rice

Steam glutinous rice in 50 minutes.
Just steamed rice is very hot, our traditional steam method.


Cool steamed rice, and mix with rice koji and Kasutori Shochu we brewed.

Prepare on storage tank

Glutinous rice and rice koji, Kasutori Shochu put inside storage tank equally.


After about 2 months, squeeze Mirin moromi.
Squeeze means separate raw Mirin from Mirin lees. We also sell Mirin lees.


We filter Mirin to take impurity.


We bottle Mirin and check quality.


Our commitment

Origin of company name is 'Make mirin with strong sweetness and taste'.
Amino acid derived from glutinous rice is contained firmly in Mirin by a special manufacturing method.
Mirin that we make is sweet and strong in taste, but the aftertaste is clearer
Even if you drink it is delicious Mirin.
In addition, we are using domestic rice in Japan ahead of other companies.
You may think that it is natural,
but most of the Mirin in Japan uses rice from overseas.
Our company abundantly uses domestic safe and safe rice.