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Little known
the truth of Mirin
Do you know about Mirin?
Mirin is unsung seasoning usually.
But Mirin is very important seasoning.
Difference from sugar

Mirin main material is glucose from glutinous rice.
Sweetness of sugar is come from sweetness of sucrose.
The other side, Sweetness of Mirin is complex and modest.
These glucose of Mirin give dishes shine and luster.
Appearance of dishes is also important.
Also Mirin contains 14% alcohol.
Alcohol prevent from falling apart while cooking ,and delete fishy smell.
Good point of our Mirin is much content of amino acid from natural fermentation.
Amino acid of our mirin is component of natural fermentation.
Natural amino acid (UMAMI) make dishes more Delicious!!

History of Mirin

Mirin was born in 400 years ago (Edo era).
At that time, Mirin is used as sweet sake for drinking.
Now Mirin is used as seasoning, from the middle of Edo era.
Now Mirin is not only used as Japanese seasoning, also as western food seasoning, and Chinese food seasoning.