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Japanese Sake is from old times,
but new and interesting.
Japanese Sake is made from 1000 years ago,
There are differences in Japanese Sake because of Rice and water, method of product.
We think Japanese Sake is very interesting!
Rice is very important.

Japanese Sake is made from rice mainly and there are a lot of difference because rice as material is different.
And every year, there is a lot of changes in rice, because of that differences.
Sake rice have a lot of variation, popular Sake rice is YAMADANISHIKI, WAKAMIZU and GOHYAKUMANGOKU.

Why Sake rice is polished before use.

In fermentation of Sake , if there are much protein, vitamin fat and ash, the taste of sake is difficult to control.
For the better taste of Sake , Sake rice is polish in many Sake brewery.